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New Library Acquisition System Means
Better and Faster Service for Our Patrons

Update: 8/4/11

As part of the many features of our new integrated library system, “Millennium,” the library will soon be implementing a new acquisitions module for faster and more effective ordering and processing of materials.

The Acquisition system functions as the central order and payment area for library materials including books, DVDs, music CDs, electronic journals, etc.

Our goal is to have the fastest method of acquiring these items at the lowest possible cost.

In other words, we aim to get what YOU request at a good price and as quickly as possible.

With the new system, we will have “real-time” information and complete functionality at every point in the process--from acquiring materials our patrons want, circulating these materials more effectively, and getting more accurate year-end accounting (usage counts, discount information, etc.) to help improve future purchase decisions.

The Advantages of Complete Integration

Millennium's complete integration means it all works together! For example, a single change to an order form or any content in the catalog is immediately reflected across the entire system, for complete real-time access. For the library, integration means better management as well as streamlined technical processing.

For the public this means better and faster service!



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