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FAQs About Our Millennium Library Catalog

Update: 1/20/2011

The Finkelstein Library has upgraded its catalog and circulation system. Millennium is a cutting-edge system that offers you the kind of modern services you have come to expect when you go online.

Unlike our old system, Millennium is independent of the other libraries in the Ramapo-Catskill Library System, and offers a much wider world of information and resources to its customers.

What does this mean to you? Here are the answers to some of the more frequent questions asked by library patrons:

I liked the old system. It worked and I knew how to use it. Why did the library change?

Many factors went into the library’s decision to upgrade to a new system. Here are a few of the most important ones:

• Millennium gives us control over our collection and allows us to get out new materials to you faster.

• In the long run, Millennium is less expensive for the library to operate, which frees up funds to support our collection.

• Our new interlibrary loan system makes it possible for us to have a more patron driven collection.

• The ability to search in non-English languages. We believe this is a vital service to any community, but particularly to one with the rich and varied cultural mix that we have in East Ramapo.

• Easier access to a wider range of libraries and their collections. The Internet has given library users much higher expectations. You know what should be available for you, and Millennium provides a better way to get what you need.

Will I need a new card?

No. Your existing Finkelstein Library card will be honored at all libraries.

So I can still use any library?

Yes. You may continue to visit any RCLS library and check out materials currently on the shelves in accordance with each library’s borrowing policies. You will not be able to place reserves at other libraries or through any other library catalog. Reserves on materials in other libraries must be placed through the FML Millennium catalog, either by visiting or calling (845) 352-5700 ext 244, or through our classic catalog. This can be accessed on our webpage at

I have always been able to place holds at any library. Why has that changed?

Borrowing policies are the decision of each library’s Board of Trustees. We continue to work with the other libraries so as to facilitate placing holds elsewhere. In accordance with library philosophy and mission, the Finkelstein Library Board continues to maintain open access for all library card holders in the Ramapo-Catskill Library System.

Cardholders from other libraries are welcome to reserve material and borrow material through the Finkelstein Library's new catalog as they have always done. Materials must be picked up at the Finkelstein Library. For more information about this policy, please see the Board of Trustees announcement on December 23rd.

So, can I still get books, movies, and music from other local libraries?


I put a reserve on an item from another library, but it doesn't show in my record. Did I make a mistake? Should I put the reserve on again?

Not to worry. The reserve is there, so you don't have to place the hold again. Although the reserve is in place, there is a delay before you can see the reserve displayed in your cardholder record. This delay allows librarians to review the item for purchase consideration.

Will the books still be sent to Finkelstein Library? Or will I have to go to the other lending library and get them?

The books, movies, and music will be sent to the Finkelstein Library as usual, and a staff member will notify you.

Can I return materials I borrow from Finkelstein to any library?

Materials owned by FML can be returned to any library. Materials borrowed via ILL must be returned to FML, not to the owning library.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

• For technical problems, such as login problems, please call the library at 352-5700 ext 248 or 245.

• For all other concerns, email Acting Library Director Erica Grodin ( or Board President Richard Rothbard ( or call 352-5700.

As with any change, there are a few bumps in the road. The library is addressing them as quickly as possible and is very appreciative of your continued patience and support.


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