Finkelstein Memorial Library
24 Chestnut Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977
Phone: (845) 352-5700

Get The Most Out of Your Material Requests from the Library

Thanks to our new Millennium system, you are allowed more requests than ever before! At any one time, up to 12 holds and up to 6 interlibrary loans will be processed for you. That's 18 opportunities to have material waiting for you!

Here is some terminology to help you better understand the holds and
interlibrary loan system:

Holds -- requests for items currently owned by Finkelstein

Interlibrary loans -- requests for items that Finkelstein does not own. These are items that we will try to borrow for you from area libraries

Awaiting arrival -- your request (Interlibrary loan) has been submitted and we are trying to obtain this item for you

Status -- this is referring to where you stand in the holds queue. For example, if you see "3 of 5
holds" this means that your hold is third out of five holds on that item.

Contact us with any questions at 845-352-5700, ext. 243.


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