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Broaden Your Search Beyond the Library Catalog

As part of the many features of our new integrated library catalog, "Millennium," the library will soon be implementing a new feature called "Pathfinder Pro." This will allow users to discover related resources (databases, websites, etc.) to expand a search beyond the catalog.

Here's how it works: when you look for books in our catalog, you'll see a box labeled "Beyond the Catalog"
on the right-hand side of the screen. This box will have links to your topic in several of our most relevant databases,such as Academic OneFile and Encyclopedia Britannica. You'll also see an option for "Other Resources,"which will connect you with more databases, Internet search engines and additional relevant library resources.

The Advantages of One-Stop Searching

Millennium's complete integration means it all works together!

A search for a book in the library catalog leads to additional resources (databases, magazine articles, search engines, etc.) to improve your search results.

This means finding all the information you need in one place!


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