Defensive Driving Classes at the Library

Defensive DrivingSix-Hour Defensive Driving Courses at the Library

Classes are held in two sessions.

Keep yourself and your family safe. Courses are offered throughout the year.

Students must attend both parts to receive a certificate.



Wednesdays, Aug. 15 & 22: 5:45 - 8:45 PM

No Classes At the Library Are Scheduled This Fall.


Open to drivers of all ages. Drivers who complete this ‘ESC’ course are eligible to save 10 percent on their liability, personal injury protection and collision insurance for three years and reduce four points on their driving record. Both sessions must be attended.  (Fee: $25)

For more information and to register call Ian 

Prastien at 201-522-5892.


Drivers who complete this 6-Hour Defensive Driving course will save 10% on their liability, personal injury protection, and collision insurance for THREE YEARS and reduce up to FOUR points on their driving record (based on NYS regulations). The insurance reduction applies to any and all vehicles in which the student is the principle operator.

Proof of course completion is transmitted to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles and recorded on the student's driving record. Travel into traffic safety awareness with student participation, safety education films, and absolutely no formal testing. The course can be completed in two 3-hour sessions or one 6-hour session in order to fit the schedule of most students.

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