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noteOur Jewish Traditional Contemporary collection is located on the second floor of the Library near the reference desk.

Please note: The Library has a computer station dedicated to the use of Otzar HaHochma located near the collection on the second floor. Otzar HaHochma is a digital library containing more than 76,000 Judaic books, scanned in their original format. Access to the The Yiddish Book Center which offers free online access to the full texts of nearly 11,000 out-of-print Yiddish titles is also available. The Library is a member of the Yiddish Book Center.

Finkelstein Library patrons have free access to Encyclopedia Judaica. Access with library card number.

The List below is compiled by R. Gewirtz, Librarian, Adult Services. Last Update: June 17, 2019



The newest additions to our collection are indicated in red.

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Arieli Rapaport, Ruth No Room for Two Tfutza 2018 Fic Arieli
Arnold, Gila It's a Learning Curve Menucha 2018 Fic Arnold
newBerger, Rachel All Fall Down Menucha 2019 Fic Berger
Cohen, Yosef Sacrifice Tfutza 2018 Fic Cohen
Gebber, Leah Sisters Under Siege Israel Bks 2018 Fic Gebber
newGoldstein, Mirel In Session Menucha 2019 Fic Goldstein
Hager, Chaya Diane Upon the Wings of an Eagle Menucha 2019 Fic Hager
Hefetz, Atara Beyond Hope Tfutza 2019 Fic Hefetz
Istrin, Rochel Stepping Stones Tfutza 2018 Fic Istrin
Kenan, M. The Dark Secrets Shaar Press 2018 Fic Kenan
newKestenbaum, Tzippy Outlook Israel Books 2019 Fic Kestenbaum
Lazewnik, Libby Quicksand Hamodia 2018 Fic Lazewnik
Luxenberg, Miriam The Exchange Tfutza 2018 Fic Luxenberg
Mann, Tovy Breakthrough Tfutza 2018 Fic Mann
newMermelstein, Yael Separate Orbits Tfutza 2019 Fic Mermelstein
Parnes, Ahuva Face Value Tfutza 2018 Fic Parnes
Pearlman, Ruthie Foundling Menucha 2018 Fic Pearlman
Pomerantz, Riva Six Degrees Menucha 2018 Fic Pomerantz
Ruddell, Batya Invisible Ties Hamodia 2018 Fic Ruddell
Strom, Debbie My Name is Isaiah Feldheim 2018 Fic Strom
Toker, Esther Rough Diamonds Tfutza 2018 Fic Toker
Weiser, Miriam Never Knew You Judaica Press 2018 Fic Weiser
newZakon, Miriam Freefall Shaar Press 2019 Fic Zakon



Young Adult Literature

Citron, Sterna, editor Paper Hearts...stories for Jewish Teenage Girls Tfutza 2018 YA Fic Citron
Gold, Avner The Dream. Expanded edition Artscroll 2018 YA Fic Gold
Gold, Avner The Year of the Sword. Expanded edition Artscroll 2018 YA Fic Gold
newGross, Sukey Secrets Menucha 2019 YA Fic Gross
Gross, Sukey Trailblazer Menucha 2018 YA Fic Gross
Jakubowicz, M. Finish Line; short stories  Hamodia 2018 YA Fic Jakub
Kleinman, Heshy Praying with Fire for Teens Artscroll 2018 YA 296.45 Kle
Litvak, Yehudis Spies and Scholars Jewish Children 2017 YA Fic Litvak
Markowitz, Ayala You'll Be a Survivor Israel Books 2018 YA Fic Markowitz
Meyer, Henye Hanna's Harvest Menucha 2018 YA Fic Meyer
Nessaiver, Tova Step Into My Shoes Todah Publ. 2018 YA Fic Nessaiv
newPollack, Gadi A Yiddishe Kop 3 Tiferet 2019  YA793.73 Pol 3
newRosenberg C. Cliffhangers. True Stories Israel Bks. 2018 YA 305.235 Ros
Shkedi, Tova Among the Stars Israel Bks 2018 YA Fic Shkedi
Yudkowsky, Yechezkel The Chip Judaica Press 2018 YA Fic Yudkowsky




Ackerman, Yitzchak Shmuel Confident Parents, Competent Children Feldheim 2018 649 Ack
newAishes Chayil Aishes Chayil Cookbook Aishes  Chayil 2018 641.5676 Ais
Arush, Shalom A New Light Chut Shel Chessed Inst. 2019 296.7 Aru
newAshear, David Living Emunah 4 Artscroll 2019 296.3 Ash v.4
Becker, Hershel. In Pursuit of Peace. Torah Relationships Mosaice Pr. 2018 158.24 Bec
newBerenstein, Abraham Nothing Just Happens Feldheim 2019 296.19 Ber
Besser, Yisroel The Chasam Sofer Artscroll 2018 B Sofer, Moshe
Besser, Yisroel Meaningful Minute Shaar Pr. 2019 296.72 Bes
Besser, Yisroel Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz Artscroll 2018 B Zlotowitz
newBirnbaum, Avrohom A Blazing Light in the Darkness Mesorah 2019 B Kalmanowitz, A
newBitton, Michael The Man Who Never Slept R. Bitton 2017 B Pegrimansky
Carmell, Aryeh The Majesty of Torah Feldheim 2019 296 Car
newCohen, Avraham One of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzaddikim:Rav.Yitzchak Zilber Feldheim 2018 296.092 Coh
Cohen, Baruch Grieving and Healing Through the Prism of Torah Ramot Press 2017 296.445 Coh
Cohen, Simcha Bunim The Laws of Aveilus Artscroll 2018 296.445 Coh
Dicker, Levi Timely Teachings; Insights on the Weekly Parsha... Machon Tiferes Lakewood 2018 222.106 Dic
newEhrenpreis, Ahava On My Own, But Not Alone Shaar Press 2019 305.90652 Ehr
Eisenman, Ron Yitzchok Shul With a View Shaar Press 2018 296.7 Eis
Feder, Aliza Tech Talk Israel Books 2018 004.678 Fed
Fishoff, Avi CPR! Resuscitation for your Soul Artscroll 2018 296.41 Fis
newFreedman, Shraga A Life Worth Living. Stories Artscroll 2019 296.36 Fre
Gafsou, Amchel Yona Illustrated guide to opening packages on Shabbos Feldheim 2018 296.41 Gaf
Ginsberg, S. Binyomin Nesivos Sholom. Shemos Israel Books 2018 222.106 Gin
Goldberg, Hillel Countdown to Shabbos OU Press 2018 296.43 Gol
newGreenwald, Yaakov With Truth and With Love Feldheim 2019 296.72 Gre
Hisiger, Yitzchok Food for Thought 2 Mesorah 2019 296.19 v.2 His
Inst. for Dayanim Halachic Solutions to Contemporary issues v.2   2018 296.188 Ins
Kanievsky, Chaim Orchos Yosher Artscroll 2018 296.7 Kan
newKeilson, Yehuda Faith over Fear Israel Bks. 2018 296.7 Kei
newKleiman, Rivky Simply Gourmet Mesorah 2019 641.5676 Kle
Klein, Shmuel In the Fragments; reflections of a child of survivors Menucha 2018 940.53 Kle
Klein, Yaakov Sunlight of Redemption Feldheim 2019 296.833 Kle
Kram, Michael The Ember Saved from the Fire   2018 940.5315 Kra
Krohn, Paysach The Glittering World of Chessed Artscroll 2018 296.19 Kro
Krohn, Paysach Motivated by the Maggid Artscroll 2018 296.19 Kro
Lebovits, Moise Dovid Halachically Speaking v.7 Israel Bks. 2018 296.18 Leb v.7
Levin, Baruch Meir Landlord-Tenant in Halacha Feldheim 2019 296.188 Lev
Lopiansky, Aaron Ben Torah for Life Eshel 2018 305.696 Lop
Muller, Aaron The Spirit of Torah Mosaica Pr. 2018 222.106 Mul
Nachman, Naomi Perfect Flavors Mesorah 2018 641.5676 Nac
Nisenbaum, Ephraim More Power Points Israel Books 2018 222.1 Nis
newPliskin, Zelig Upgrade your mind, upgrade your life Artscroll 2019 158.1 Pli
Pruzansky, Binyomin Stories that Strengthen Your Heart Artscroll 2018 296.19 Pru
Roll, Yisroel Alone Against the World Ayal 2018 158.2 Rol
Rosenberg, Dovid P. They Called her Morah Rivka Feldheim 2018 B Rosenberg, R
Rosman, Dovid Your Wife Yourself Feldheim 2018 296.74 Ros
Rotenberg, Chana How Could I Not Have Known Feldheim 2019 940.53 Rot
newRozovsky, Menachem Chaim The Rosh Yeshiva...R. Shmuel Rozovsky Tfutza 2019 B Rozovsky
Rubashkin, Sholom M. Inside Out. Yamim Noraim Feldheim 2018 365.66 Rub
Rubinstein, Y.Y. Building Tomorrow: Sinas Chinam Israel Bks 2018 296.439 Rub
Ruddell, Batya On Their Derech Tfutza 2019 305.235 Rud
Ryzman, Zvi The Hebrew Months in the Shemoneh Esrei Mesorah 2018 296.7 Ryz
Saphir, C. Lifelines 2 Shaar Press 2018 296.72 Sap v.2
Sapirman, Dovid The Unbroken Chain Mosaica Pr.  2019 296.123 Sap
Scheller, Eli A Minute Vort 3 Feldheim 2019 222.106 Sch
Schmutter, Mordechai For This I Had to Grow Up? Israel Bookshop 2018 828.92 Sch
Schwartz, Shmuel The Story Rolodex Shiboley Haleket 2017 296.19 Sch
newSeltzer, Nachman Incredible 2 Shaar Press 2019 B Wallis, Yossi v.2
Seltzer, Nachman Zera Shimshon 2 Shaar Press 2018 222.106 Sel v.2
Serle, Jenny Balanced Teshuvah Mosaica 2019 296.715 Ser
Shapiro, Mindy Thinking of You. True Stories Feldheim 2019 296.19 Sha
Shir, Smadar Miriam's Song Gefen 2016 B Peretz
Smith, Zev Life's Ladder Israel Books 2019 296.72 Smi
newSpero, Yechiel An Angel from Yerushalayim Artscroll 2019 B Goldberg, Chaim
newSpero, Yechiel The Spark Within Artscroll 2019 296.19 Spe
Stein, Rachel Liftoff.......23 True Stories Israel Bks. 2018 296.19 Ste
Stern, Esther Just One Word Emunah Mesorah 2018 296.3 Ste
Sternbuch, Moshe Rav M.Sternbuch on the Parashah Adir Press 2017 222.106 Ste
Sultan, Mordechai Inside the Yeshivah Menucha 2019 305.696 Sul
Tatz, Akiva As Dawn Ends the Night Targum 2018 296.3117 Tat
Walder, Chaim People Speak 10 Feldheim 2018 296.7 Wal
Wecker, Mordechai Therapy according to God Mosaica 2019 152.42 Wec
Weinberger, Naftali Reb Aharon Leib Artscroll 2018 B Shteinman
newWeinfeld, C.B. A Canopy of Stars Shaar Press 2019 296.19 Wei
newWeiss, Asher On Emunah and Bitachon Mosaica Pr. 2019 296.3 Wei
Wikler, Meir Behind Closed Doors Menucha 2018 152.42 Wik
newWiniarz, Shaya Let There be Time Israel Bks 2019 296.7 Win
Winiarz, Shaya Making a Difference Israel Books 2018 B Winiarz
Wolofsky, Leah A Brand New You Menucha 2019 613.25 Wol
Worch, Renee Flight to Freedom Menucha 2018 940.5318 Wor
Zaklikowski, Dovid Kosher Investigator

Hasidic Arcives

2017 296.73 Zak
Zelenko, Vladimir Metamorphosis Israel Books 2019 B Zelenko
Zilberstein, Yitzchok The Joyful Jewish Home Artscroll 2018 296.74 Zil
Zilberstein, Yitzchak Veha'arev Na 3 Feldheim 2018 296.18 Zil v.3
Zilberstein, Yitzchak Medical-Halachic Responsa Maim. Res. Ctr. 2018 296.18 Zil
Zilberstein, Yitzchok What If 4 Artscroll 2018 222.106 Wha V.4



Feuer, Avrohom A Canopy of Brocha; Why Jewish Wives Cover Their Hair

Forster, Leah

Balabusted; for lucky women and girls only

Frand, Yissocher

Teshuva and tikun

Frand, Yissocher

Teshuva 5772

Frand, Yissocher

Teshuva 5773

Frand, Yissocher

Torah Lectures: Bereishis

Frand, Yissocher

Torah Lectures: Sh'mos

Frand, Yissocher

Torah Lectures: Devorim

Frand, Yissocher

Torah Lectures: Vayikra

Frand, Yissocher

Torah Lectures: Bamidbar

Krohn, Pesach

Golden Shadows; Morocco, Gibraltar and Spain

Krohn, Pesach

Of Spendor and sacrifice

Malach, Atara

Positive communication with the adolescent

Malach, Atara

Guidelines to discipline with the adolescent

Malach, Atara

Dealing with adolescents

Malach, Atara

Unique strength of women

Malach, Atara

Secret of happy families

Reisman, Yisroel

Book of Ezra

Reisman, Yisroel

Destruction and consolation

Reisman, Yisroel


Reisman, Yisroel

It’s been a long golus

Reisman, Yisroel

The Laws of Taharas Hamishpacha

Reisman, Yisroel

Megillas Esther

Reisman, Yisroel

Shir HaShirim

Reisman, Yisroel

Shiras Devora

Reisman, Yisroel

Suffering of Iyov

Reisman, Yisroel



Hilchos teshuvah boot camp

Tatz, Akiva

Festival III: Chanukah

Tatz, Akiva

End of Days: 6 Lectures

Tatz, Akiva

Festival 2: 6 Lectures

Tatz, Akiva

Festival IV: Breakdown and Building of Conciousness

Tatz, Akiva

Inner World

Tatz, Akiva

Life Relationships

Tatz, Akiva

Levels of the Spirit

Tatz, Akiva

Marriage: 2 Lectures

Tatz, Akiva

Out of Egypt: 6 Lectures

Tatz, Akiva

Ten Commandments

Tatz, Akiva

The Thinking Jews Guide to Life

Tatz, Akiva


Wein, Berel The Basic Books of Mussar

Wein, Berel

Book of Genesis; insights of the Prophets (Haftorah series)

Wein, Berel The Book of Ruth

Wein, Berel

Children of Jacob: an eternal cycle (Haftorah series)

Wein, Berel Conversations 4

Wein, Berel

Diamonds and settings (vols. 1 & 2)

Wein, Berel

Diamonds and settings (vols. 3,4 & 5)

Wein, Berel Diamonds and settings (vol.6 & 7)
Wein, Berel Europe and the Jews. Part 1 In the Shadow of the Church
Wein, Berel Europe and the Jews. Part 2. The Age of Modernity
Wein, Berel Golden age of Sephardic Jewry
Wein, Berel The Great War. How it Began. Adriatic Adventure
Wein, Berel Herzl's World

Wein Berel

History and Prophecy

Wein, Berel

Israel & Egypt in the Eyes of the Prophets (Haftorah series)

newWein, Berel Jerusalem Geograpy Part 1 
newWein, Berel Jerusalem Geography Part 2

Wein Berel

Jewish faith and optimism

Wein, Berel

Koheles; wisdom of Solomon

Wein, Berel

The Prophetic moral imperative

Wein, Berel

Rabbi Yehuda Halevy

Wein, Berel

Revelation & Freedom(Haftorah Series)

Wein, Berel

Shavuos: in the words of the Prophets

Wein, Berel

16th Century Tsfat

Wein, Berel Women of Importance in Jewish History



newBodner, Uzi Hey-ha
Collection of Artists Nissim Dorech Tehillim
newCukier, Dovid Songs & Nusach of Hallel
new8th Day Stronger, Closer
Engel, Shimmy Sheinis
Fried, Avraham Bring the House Down
newGelb, Akiva Dance 365 v.2
Gertner, Shloime Serenity
Gerstner, Eli & The Chevra A Cappella
Goldwag, Ari Soul 5 -A Cappella
newGoldwag, Ari Lo Nafsik Lirkod
Green, Yehuda Neshamele.  Moshiah, We Need You
Ilowitz, Motty 5778
newIsrael, Chaim Jerusalem
newKatz, Eitan Ashrecha
Knopfler, Dudi HaChalom Sheli
Kohn, Meilech Yeder Einer; Everyone
newKraus, Moshe Shabbos Mit Yiddishe Nachas
Laufer, Moshe An Hour with Moshe Laufer
Lemmer, Shulem Shulem
Maccabeats Out of the Box. A Cappella
newMarcus, Eli Yogati
Miami Boys Choir Le'olam Va'ed. Forever
Nachas Emes 2
newNeiman, Shimshon Nechuma
newNewcomb, Joey(Yosef) To Be A Yid
Schechter, Shim Shul Days
Shalsheles We're Coming Home
Shapiro, Mordechai Machar
Shwekey, Yaakov Musica
Shwekey, Yaakov A Time For Music 29 &30 Part 1. Camp HASC
Shwekey, Yaakov Those Were the Days; My Favorite Collection
Silberstein, Tzvi Yaaleh
newSimchas Hachaim 7  
newSimchas Hachaim 8  
Skulen Noam 2- Nigunei Skulen
Steinmetz, Motty Haneshama Bekirbi
Ungar, Shmueli Mach a bracha
newUngar, Shmueli On Stage
newWeber, Beri Asara Minei Neginah
Weber, Beri A Shabbos Farbreng
Weber, Beri A Shabbos Farbreng. (A Cappella)
Werdyger, Mordechai Ben David The Vocal Version. A Cappella
Yiddish Nachas Boys Choir Mizmor Shir
Yiddish Nachas Boys Choir Sivavon
Yoni Z Yoni



About Judges and judgments

Alexandra. New Musical Drama for Women by Women
Alice in Wonderland. A live musical for women and girls

Anonymous benefactor

Baba Conspiracy.  Greentec
The Bandman. Presented by Rachel's Place

Barons and Bankers, Musical Drama for women and girls

Basic Dance Training for Simchas (Chaykee's Shape up Shop)

Belle and the Baroness. 

Berel and the Bus Driver

Berel Wein’s Israel Journey. Jerusalem

The Best of Shape. Kosher Workouts

The Best of Shape. Kosher Workouts: Volume 2

The Best of Shape. Kosher Workouts. Girls and Teens

Beyond pathways

The Big Win. Yehuda Grovais Production
Biker Boys.  Greentec

Blessing in disguise. Women and girls only

Brothers forever

Bullied. Women and girls only
The Bystander. Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

Carlebach, Shlomo. The Last Hoshana Raba

Carlebach, Shlomo. Live in Concert

Carlebach, Shlomo. Live in Concert. Krakow, Poland

The Case of the Million Dollar Magic Coat
Catch a Butterfly. By Tobi Einhorn and Chavy Klein.

The Challenge. An Avi Greenberg Film

Changed. A musical directed by Malky Giniger

Chavlash 2. Detectives above and beyond. Mystery of the Kiddush cup

Chavlash 3. Bickering Brothers

Chavlash 4; detectives above and beyond


Chol Hamoed Circus 2

Color war and color peace


Comedance II

Daddy Act.  A musical comedy for women & girls only

Dance with me

Dangerous estate

Double Agent
newDouble Impact.

Drops of Water

The Edge. 
Encountering Greatness. ..four remarkable women
Escape from Easyville. Greentec
The Gift.   Tobi Einhorn and Chavy Klein
Gifted. L.O.L. Productions
The Golden Monkey
Golden Stones. Musical for women and girls
newHeidi. Live Musical for Ladies & Girls 
Here We Go Again. The Perlowitzes v.2
Home Makers. 
I Choose to Be Me. The Regal Girls Choir
newIlluminate. The Regal Girls Choir
Interen Shverd. YIDDISH 
It’s Amazing. Twins from France. Bello. Suki and Ding presents
It’s Amazing. Volume 2. Suki and Ding presents
Jewish Revenge 4: The Document
Jewish Revenge 5
Jinji. Rachel's Place presents. For women and girls
Judeo.  Drama for women and girls
Justice from Above
newKatalina. Rachel's Place
Kingdom of Aldecot. Musical for Women and Girls
Kumtantz - v.1 Yeshivish 
Kumtantz -- v.2- Chassidish
Legend of the Klei Yakar. By Rebbee Hill
Light for Greytowers
Lipa on Broadway
Little Gifts. Women and Girls only
Little Lord Fauntleroy. Women and girls only

Lost in the jungle

newMagic Moments. Musical
Mali 2. People like "her". For ladies and girls
Mali 3. She's Mine
A Matter of Chance. Tobi Einhorn and Chavy Klein
Meet the Family. The Perlowitzes. v. 1

Menashe Lustig. The Comedy Clips

Miami Boys Choir- B'simcha Rabah

Miami boys choir-- Miami Experience 1-5

Miri Pops In

Mommy’s week off

Multitasker with Leah Forster

Nechunya digger of water wells (animated)

Never judge

Newcomer: original musical based on the songs of Mordechai Ben David

newA Night in the Niche

Not even normal. Rachel Factor

Of Heaven and earth; stories of the Chassidic masters. Berel Wein

Of Splendor and sacrifice; journey through Italy. Paysach Krohn

Ohad Live in New York

Oliver with a Twist

Once upon a princess

One Hatzalah call

Operation Candlelight. A Robin Garbose film. 
Operation Rainbow. v.1 and v.2
Operation Seven. Shmittah in Danger. Greentec.
Parchment Conspiracy. Greentec
Playing Your Part. Chofetz Chaim Foundation
Portraits in Faith. For women and girls
Prague Adventure
The Rebbe's Niggunim
Rejoice with Itzhak Perlman and Cantor Yitzchak Helfgot
The Road to Oze. For Women and Girls
Room 32.   Greentec
Roots; the Journey Home.  Musical  by Robin Garbose. For women and girls.
The Scar

72 hours

Sheffields' Manor

Shira on the Road. Shira Girls Choir

Shtetl. For women & girls only.
Shwekey, Yaakov. A Time for Music 29 & 30 Part 1. Camp Hasc
Siam and I. Live musical for women & girls
Simcha Leiner live in Odessa

Simchacise Dancing

Sisters. Episode 1 the Shidduch

Sisters. Episode 2 the vacation

Sisters. Episode 3 The hospital

Social smarts

Song of the hills

Sparks of Light

Spellbound-- A Musical Comedy for Ladies and Girls

Story chest v.1 Elisha ba'al Kenafayim

Story chest v.2 What's mine is what's yours

Story chest v.3 Lifnim mishuras hadin

Strike on Heaven. The Third Reich's War on Yiddishkeit
Stranger. (for women and girls)
The Sword. Part 1- Adventure in Budapest.Greentec
The Sword. Part 2- Running on Empty Greentec
The Sword. Part 3- End of the Road. Greentec

Taste of Shabbos with Rebbetzin Esther Winner

A Tear for Shabbos

That's my Nanny

35 Minute Express Workout with Elana

Tipping the Scale

Together as one, Camp Bnos Yisrael

True enemy v. 1, Adventure in Istanbul

True enemy v. 2 Danger game

True enemy v. 3 Wrong identity

True enemy v. 4 Unmasked

Trust Me. Film for women and girls
Twins from France. Back to China

Twins from France in China

Twins from France in Trouble

Twins from France. Looking for a Job
Twins from France. Offline
newTwins from France on the Roof

We Got Annie

Wein, Berel. Conversations with Rabbi Wein

Where’s Yossele?

Wishes. For Women and Girls

Wizdom of Oz

Yaakov Shwekey. Live in Caesaria II 5770

Yaakov Shwekey. Live in Israel

Yaakov Shwekey. Live in Paris 2006

Yaakov Shwekey. Live in Israel. Nokia Stadium 5773

Yankel Am Ha’aretz; a story of hope

YBC live -- Yeshiva Boys Choir

YBC live 2-- Yeshiva Boys Choir

YBC live 3-- Yeshiva Boys Choir

YBC live 4-- Yeshiva Boys Choir

Yiddish World Remembered



CD-ROMs and Software

Krohn, P. Catching Sacred Letters: a Journey to the Yeshivos of Yesteryear

Eternal luminaries; a voyage to renowned European towns and villages with Rabbi Paysach Krohn

The Mishkan; the tabernacle

Krohn, Pesach -- From Majestic Peaks to a Valley of Tears: A Passage Through Jewish Poland with Rabbi Paysach Kroh




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